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Futurist Adornments


Chunky jewellery is finally making its way back into the mainstream segment. While it was popular among the experimental types, it hasn’t really managed to catch on with the formal regulars. I mean who in god’s name would take you seriously if you pranced around with these accessories.

Futurist Adornments_1

Usually, chunky jewellery is unsightly, especially if you’re going for the low key approach, and studded or embedded stuff looks like something a Christmas tree would like on, to say the least of the coloured and beaded accessories. And the amount of effort that goes into colour co-ordination with some of these pièce de resistances is really not laughable. The oversized rings ere the absolute worst, and when combined with the current nail colour trends like hot pink, it’s like, who left that crime scene on you?!

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And the cool kid’s didn’t look any better either; wearing piles and piles of jewellery is not a thing, wearing many pretty bracelets is, not the big stuff! I really don’t get…..just how? why? Why?

Futurist Adornments_5

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So it comes as an immense relief to me that pros have decided to give their take on the matter; finally we see some social responsibility, and a solution too-metal chunky futurism.

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Futurist Adornments_8

It’s a bit disheartening to know that the super-chunk fad caught on only post 2013, which was way after every other person who made a televised appearance defecated over the trend.

Metal was not the only highlight of this year, with pearl and the Afghan/Persian design getting its fair share of attention.

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Futurist Adornments_10

Futurist Adornments_11

Okay, I mean just the earrings, oh, yikes, not the nose and face work. Check out this one with black metal and black rocks; totally wearable anywhere, without having to look out of place.

Futurist Adornments_12

The most featured formal accessories involve metals in monochrome hues, colours are not mixed, and if the item is bejewelled, it’s generally done in a very sober colour; actually almost no colourful `colours’ are used. It might be an influence of the trending minimalist efficiency theme that’s doing the rounds.

Futurist Adornments_13

Futurist Adornments_14

Futurist Adornments_15

Futurist Adornments_16

Even heavily embellished neck chokers were set in dull shades to deglam the look a bit, to just the right tints of elegance.

Futurist Adornments_19

Futurist Adornments_17

Futurist Adornments_18

Jewellery is getting a serious revamp on that note, and designers are ditching finding ways to keep the austere traditional templates while mixing in a bit of their own visions; it part purity and part avant garde, so you won’t look like you stepped out from a painting, but that would be simply because what you’re wearing would be too futurist for that.

Futurist Adornments_20

Futurist Adornments_21

Futurist Adornments_22

I love how it’s not in cutesy designs or florals, despite the obvious size; it conveys a feeling of solemn restraint but it’s not so understated like the smaller bijouterie, so there’s no way you’d be seen as a someone who plays it safe. I can finally wear over the top stuff at twenty five and not look like I’m trying to be a hooker in Thailand or L.A. or some lameass hipster.

Basically, as long as it’s in metal hues, it will look imposing, and as long as you don’t add colours or wear and undignified colours, the pieces will to the talking for you; but no weird makeup either, you’ll have to go for really muted neutral shades. And the bigger the piece, the more you know you can use more than one type, either the earrings or the neck piece, neither both; if you use a large wrist piece, instead of a neck match, use a closed neck outfit. Don’t use shiny shoes with the chunks at the same time. I guess most chunky main-attraction type jewellery can only be worn like this, if you want to impress with futurist fashion.

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