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Furniture wear


So it’s finally cool to look like a piece of luxury furniture from the 17th century. Lol, no, I mean the patterning. Whatever the illiterates are calling it doesn’t concern me, and the origins of each one varies, but the basics involve colonial ere upholstery from all around the world; every noble kept a version, or created one, the design, east and west.

And lately, for lack of creativity, so as to not agonize the public over the recycle effect, fashion houses have moved over to the newest thing yet to have been done-dressing like a parlour. Yes it was the last thing left to be tried out; such is the misery of our stagnant existences, copying the sofa in the hall.

Furniture wear

In all fairness, it looks very well done, very regal. No matter what you wear, or how you wear it, it looks quite fabulous. And since motifs are involved, there’s no dearth of stuff to try out, from florals to paisley, abstract to Indian, Afghani and Persian.  Hell, they’re even doing Arabian and stick art.

And the choice of attire really doesn’t matter, whether it’s a summer dress, a coulette pant or an overcoat; as long as you have your accessories right, with a clean cut, the slightly gleaming material adds a polished look. It’s quite appealing to the eyes, it’s just that the first time we went with the somewhat larger motifs, we did it to interiors; a shame, that, seeing as we look so good in them.

Furniture wear_1

As for how to wear it, you can wear it anyway; the sky is the limit. Like I said before, the choice of the material matters, but they tend to have a sheen to themselves customarily, so even if you step out in an overall, it would look refined. That is like one of the boons of this trend. Unless I go out of my way to look ridiculous, I’ll not end up looking like crap. I’m actually worried that even if I did do something outlandish like wearing a printed pink two-piece with a fur jacket, it would end up looking classy. Zoikes!!! That would……..okay so it is like the easiest way to not look undone.

Furniture wear_3

Kendall here has done a monochrome version with a motif skirt, a velvet-ish top and a fur jacket.


Furniture wear_4

Furniture wear_5

Furniture wear_6

Obviously, this gold/shiny thread motifs can be embroidered too, to add oomph. Embroidered patterns look even more flashy, but you’ll need to be careful of how you combine things. Like I can’t possibly wear a motif overcoat over a motif dress; it would just be in bad taste. And I sure as hell can’t wear printed stockings with a printed skirt, again, that would look like just plain stupid.  Wearing more than one form of patterning will do it though, like say I used a floral or strawberry thief motifed top, a plain pencil skirt and then wore boots in the Ogee motif; that would look good. Or if I went with an abstract print dress and a Quatrefoil overcoat; you’ll have to have feel for the thing, you can’t just mix and match like it’s a blind date, unless you’re like so beautiful, you could pull a `something-about-Mary’.

Furniture wear_7

Okay, don’t! The upholstery special is such a great steal, you can run with it forever, 365 days of the year, and it beats repeating the nineties future themed camp wear.





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