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Essential fashion tips for women’s clothing


Women all over the world have one basic desire – to look good. This is important for women of all ages and yes, all sizes too. Whether you are a home maker or a working woman, you will want to look your best no matter where you go. For women, looking good is a confidence booster. This particularly applies to working women; when they look good, they feel better and this also helps in striking a good work life balance. There are various things that women do to look good. Among the many things, the easiest and the most convenient way for most women to look good is to wear great looking clothes. However, just because something looks good on your friends, it need not necessarily make you look beautiful too. So, here are some tips that you need to follow to get the right clothes for you.

When it comes to fashion, most women may actually state that fashion is inseparable from their identity. Almost all women have their own sense of fashion that they want to incorporate in their style. But the fact is that just being fashion conscious is not enough to look impressive. You need to understand your body shape and size so that you dress accordingly. You don’t have to be a fashion slave to look your best; you simply need to understand your own body well.

Understand your body

When choosing your clothes, you definitely should consider the trends but before you do that, you need to figure out your figure. In other words, you need to understand and clearly judge yourself to identify the kind of body you have. Every woman has her own share of positives and negatives. No one is perfect but to look perfect, you need to wear the right clothes as per your body shape so that your positives are accentuated and your negatives are hidden. In order to cover up your flaws and highlight the best features of your body, here are some tips that you need to follow –

  • For the pear shaped women

Pear shaped body type is the most common. There are a plenty of women with this body shape. Pear shaped bodies are characterized with a heavier hips and slender upper body. However, these women do not have very broad shoulders. Such women need to wear clothes that take the focus away from their hips. Darker colours are also great for them as these colors have a slimming effect. Straight skirts and wrap dresses are ideal for these women. To highlight your upper body, printed shirts and V-necks work best.

  • For apple shaped women

These women have a bulkier upper body. Hence, they need to be very careful when choosing their tops and shirts. Such women can bank on trendy jackets to tone down their waistline and look slimmer. A-line dresses also work well with this body shape as they tend to proportionate the overall figure.

  • For the petite women

Petite women are very short so they need to choose clothes that elongate their figures and make them look taller. They should wear fabrics that are flowing. Short skirts are a complete no for these women as they will make them look even shorter.

  • For the hourglass figures

This is the most desirable body shape but very few women are blessed with a hourglass figure. Women with this body type need not worry about what they should wear as everything looks good on them. So if you are blessed with this figure type, go and splurge – you’ve got the swag!

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