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Dumb Idea- the animal special

Dumb Idea- the animal special

I’ve always been a fan of Animal Planet and I used to be a big fan of Steve Irwin, until his dumb idea got to him. He’s still a legend, and his most valuable lesson to me is don’t hate the crocs, just keep away from swordfish.

Dumb Idea- the animal special


But we’re not the only ones with the dumb ideas; on a planet with over 750,000 species of fauna, we can’t possibly be the only idiots out there.
Is there like away to tell when someone gets a dumb idea? I guess not, especially when crocs are involved; so here’s a list of Oh Crikey!s, curtesy the crocs…
Oh and all these animals here we’re f***ed over post these pics.


Dumb Idea- the animal special_1

Can you like do anything dumber, you sill cat? Did he look like a salad to you?

Can you like do anything dumber


Dude this is not going to end well.

Dumb Idea- the animal special_4


Huh, there’s no end to this….

Dumb Idea- the animal special_5


Maybe it’s like an addiction and they just need an intervention; or it’s like a bad romance.
Speaking of which…..

Maybe it’s like an addiction

Fast forward three years and let’s see if they’re not on the road to the lawyer’s.

Fast forward three years

Oh lol, dude wait till you look behind you!!!



Oh, he looked!!

Oh, he looked


And now for exit stage left!!

Dumb Idea- the animal special_8


And next on the don’t look behind you special…

And next on

I think the bears like surprises.

Dumb Idea- the animal special_10

I know the bad guy winning is tough, but you just made yourself meat!!

I know the bad guy winning


Why, bro? Just why?

Dumb Idea- the animal special_12

No, don’t you go showing social etiquette with the revisit house call!!

Dumb Idea- the animal special_13

Again with the socializing!!

Dumb Idea- the animal special_14

The Jock vs the Outcasts

Dumb Idea- the animal special_15

It’s like they let the jock-hood get to them.

Dumb Idea- the animal special_16

Oh man, do they have a god complex or what!!

Oh man, do they have a god complex or what

Horn fetish maybe?

Horn fetish maybe

Dude, he’s like way bigger than you.

Dumb Idea- the animal special_19

I don’t get it, why would you call the fat kid who’s a bully fat.

I don’t get it

Hyenas, the laugh says they’re crazy anyway.

And for the sequel to release, we have the innocent victims here. They’re going to get back at you for this when they’re all grown up, this giving way to the next release of the dumb idea, coming soon.

Dumb Idea- the animal special_21


Dumb Idea- the animal special_22


Dumb Idea- the animal special_23









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