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Ditch the Dry Hands: Everything You Need to Know for Perfect Palms This Winter


As we’ve said time and time again, while we love the holiday season, we aren’t so fond of how it strips us of our moisture. From dehydrated skin to chapped lips, you may think we have already covered it all, but, there’s one important part we can’t forget: our hands.

No matter how awesome our red polish is, it won’t camouflage our red skin, or cracking fingers. And, not only are dry hands not a pleasant sight to see, they don’t give off the best feeling, either. To tackle the problem before it even begins, there are a few preventative measures we can take, and below, we’re walking you through them.

Exfoliate: If you’re already suffering from scaly skin, a hand scrub will do the trick to help get rid of it. And if you’re trying to prevent dry hands, exfoliating will still help as it actually helps your skin absorb more moisture.

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