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Daffodil Gardening Tips

Daffodil Gardening Tips

Exposure: Narcissus do best in full sun, though they’ll tolerate the dappled shade beneath high-branching deciduous trees. They won’t bloom well in shade.

Soil: They are not fussy about soil as long as it is loose and well drained. To improve drainage in heavy soils, deeply dig in plenty of organic matter prior to planting.

Planting: Set bulbs about twice as deep as they are tall―typically 5–6 in. deep for large bulbs and 3–5 in. deep for smaller ones. Space bulbs approximately 6–8 in. apart.

Watering: Water newly planted bulbs thoroughly. In many regions, fall and winter are wet or snowy enough to provide moisture. Keep plantings well watered if precipitation fails; continue until foliage begins to yellow. Plants don’t need summer moisture.

Dividing: Clumps need dividing only when bloom quantity and/or quality declines. Wait until the leaves die back, then dig the clumps and replant.

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