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Create a Stunning Fall Hydrangea Arrangement

Create a Stunning Fall Hydrangea Arrangement

A Bouquet That’s Here to Stay

An elegant setting calls for a refined and stylish floral composition. Just ask horticulturist Wendy Gamble of Leaf & Petal in Mountain Brook, Alabama. The fall season and a handsome, metallic urn inspired her selection of ‘Vintage Harvest’ hydrangeas for their marbled, lush blooms (they also dry beautifully) and rex begonia for its striking foliage. Wendy selected bird’s nest and silver lace ferns to contribute delicacy to the design and serve as a vibrant green counterpoint to the muted colors of the hydrangeas. As a final touch, she added lacy angel vine to the mix, allowing it to spill romantically over the edge. The result? A beautiful indoor display with staying power.

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