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Cosplay Time!!!


The Amine Boston is happening this weekend, and a lot of Cons are on the way too, all over the world. Amine Japan just ended last month, with a super Final Fantasy cosplay leak out.

Its summer and cosplaying is one of the most fun ways to pass time. No to mention you get to look like your favourite hero or inspiration for a day, and maybe bear a bit of your soul for the world. And it’s really not just for geeks and otakus. No, scratch that, being a geek or an otaku and cosplaying are finally cool, if you look the look okay, and find the right character to suit you.

Cosplay Time!!!

Size or age will never be an issue if you find the right character, but don’t go messing around and make sakura curvy, or Tsunade skinny. And you can alter the costume ideal to match your perception of the character. Sometimes specifics re-genre edging can be done, like this steampunk snow white or the blonde superman did.

Cosplay Time

Cosplay Time!!!_2

it’s a nice idea to hold cosplay parties, at not just on Halloween. When you go to the conventions, you get to meet a lot of people, who won’t fit you or themselves into slots for the day, and you can take a break from reality. You ‘ll get to meet guys at these places too. Like him, and him.

Cosplay Time!!!_3


You don’t necessarily have to bear yourself or wear `tiny mini skirts’ and you can even cosplay as your favourite male hero, with or without a gender swap.

Cosplay Time!!!_5

imageOkay, now that I have your attention, I’ll break it down for you. Cosplay is not the horror demotivational posters make them out to be, and generally involves comicon conventions and anime conventions. These conventions tend to happen in the spring summer months, but there are exceptions.  Fans get to dress up as a character of their choice, and it’s not supposed to be for humour. Some of the cosplays are truly exceptional, and may even nail it better than live action movies do.


Yagami_Light_by_lucbecksit’s actually really easy to start off. You pick your favourite characters, from movies or sitcoms, or comics or books or manga or anime, keep like ten, then narrow it preferably based off your body type, but like I said it’s not really all that necessary. You can order the costume online, but the online ones are never satisfactory enough, so most hardcores make their own costume, but it actually is an easy hack, and you can always order it and then alter it. Contrary to popular beliefs, cosplaying is not that expensive and renting out wigs and stuff is real cheap. If you really don’t mind then go ahead and colour your hair; the Gaga trend was popular a long time back at cosplay events, and this is probably where it all started out.

You’ll have to plan things in advance, and try out the makeup at least once before the day of reckoning. Shoes, accessories, hair, travel, any extra stuff that you’ll have to take along; keep a bag ready for all the essentials, and as much as possible, travel light. A funny hack includes carrying real weapons too, especially if you’re playing character who’s going skimpy; it has really worked.  You will always have to be on the lookout for the occasional pedos who frequent the conventions. Even though security at most of these cons is tight, you never know.

Take your friends along; they’ll kind of make everything better. Don’t forget timings, and check on everything, like a check list one day before.

Cosplay Time!!!_9And they’ll always know when to switch costumes for better effects, plus they’ll tell you what not to wear. And they do the frenenemies thing so well. Like dex and mandark here.

Cosplay Time!!!_10Or You can take your whole class or team, or the whole manga.

Cosplay Time!!!_11


e4f84a03539b2b7ab91be654be80bca2Or You can take your whole class or team, or the whole manga.

Anyway, you really haven’t lived if you haven’t cosplayed  like you mean it!!!

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