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Common questions all women have about their breasts


If there is one part of your body that defines your femininity, it has to be your breasts. Your curves show your elegance and beauty. When you have a nice curvy body, it eve boosts your confidence because all those gorgeous clothes look great on great bodies. This is perhaps the reason why your breasts get most attention. But just as important they are as a part of your feminine body, they have a major significance from your health and wellness perspective too. Breast cancer remains one the most common forms of cancers in women. Considering all f this, almost all women have several questions running on their minds about their breasts. Some they find answers to while others continue to remain in their minds. Here, we try to help you understand the six most common concerns you might have about your breasts.

Four questions every woman has about her breasts

Are my breasts perky or pendulous? Is AA the right size for me B? These and many other such questions may come to your mind regularly. The fact is that breasts come in infinite sizes and shapes. While every woman has her own pair of unique beauties, here are some concerns that remain pretty much common in all.

  1. What should I eat to keep my breasts healthy and beautiful?


Eating a wide variety of plant based foods is great for your breasts. All varieties of nuts are rich in phytosterols which inhibit tumor development. This means if you eat nuts regularly, you may lower your chances of developing breast cancer. Walnuts and pecans are particularly good for reducing the PMS related breast soreness.

The cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts contain glucosinoates which are also great for restricting the growth of cancer cells. Beans and lentils are again loaded with phytosterols so they are too good for your breasts’ health.

  1. Why do my breasts sag?

Age could be one of the reasons. When you grow old, your skin starts losing collagen and elastin. The ligaments that give your breasts shape are made of collagen and elastin so typically, as you grow old, your breasts may began to sag. Using support bras is helpful.

Other reason is tanning. The ultraviolet rays from sun can also break down collagen so if you are someone who loves to get tanned, your breasts may sag soon.

  1. Am I alone who has asymmetrical breasts?


No, you aren’t. It is pretty common to have one breast slightly larger than the other. This may become more prominent in women who nurse. That happens because some babies tend to prefer to nurse on one breast more and this will stretch out that breast. Usually the difference in size is not very evident but if it is in your case, you can choose to buy padded bras with removable pad inserts.

  1. Does my weight have an impact on my risk of breast cancer?


The best way to estimate the good weight for you is to try and stick to your senior college weight as you grow older (you may even consider lower weight if you were overweight in your teens). A research by the American Cancer Society shows that women who tend to gain 60 or more pounds after they are 18 are at a higher risk of developing post menopausal breast cancer. This weight gain does not include the weight you gain during pregnancy but yes you definitely have to work out all that extra weight your gained during your pregnancy phase at the earliest.

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