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What Color Is Your Kitty?

What Color Is Your Kitty

·   Tiger or Tabby

Did you know there’s no difference between a tabby and a tiger cat? These terms are often used interchangeably and refer to any cat with stripes, particularly around the eyes, and an “M” marking on the forehead. Also, if you look closely at a tiger cat’s fur, you’ll see that each hair has alternating light and dark bands. Called “agouti,” it is similar in appearance to the fur of a rabbit or squirrel. Tiger cats come in a variety of colors.

Mackerel Tabby

·   Mackerel Tabby

Tiger or tabby cats have a variety of patterns. One of them is called a mackerel tabby. This means the cat has thin stripes that run from the spine to the stomach that are said to resemble mackerel fish. Mackerel tabby cats also appear in different colors.


·   Spotted Tabby

If your cat has spots instead of stripes, it’s called a spotted tabby. The spots can be large or small or look like pieces of stripes down the side of your pet.

Classic or Blotched Tabby

·   Classic or Blotched Tabby

A classic or blotched tabby has large swirling stripes on both sides of its body. This classic tabby is considered a red tabby due to its bold orange stripes over a cream-color background.

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