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Bella Thorne’s BF Defends Her Against Rob Lowe After Mudslide Tweet: He’s ‘Whack’

This celeb feud just escalated! Bella Thorne’s BF Mod Sun came to her defense for her mudslide tweet by calling Rob Lowe ‘whack.’ See it all, here!

This drama just won’t quit! Bella Thorne, 20, received some defense from her boyfriend Mod Sun, 30, via his Instagram Story after Rob Lowe, 53, slammed her tweet in which she complained about the Santa Barbara traffic on the 101 after lethal mudslides had struck the area. In addition to tagging Rob on his Instagram story, Mod wrote, “I thought you was cool, man. Out here being whack. It’s quiet as f**k over here for, Rob Lowe. Quiet as f**k.” Well, it seems like Rob was really harshing Mod’s vibe by understandably bringing up the many tragic deaths that have resulted from the mudslides. In addition to saying that Santa Barbara was “quiet as f**k” despite its recent and devastating flooding, Mod went on to write, “These are the facts, Jack! These are just the facts, baby! Telling the truth. Just be nice to each other, man.” It sounds like someone needs to update Mod with some facts about how terrible the mudslide was! See Rob’s original Instagram post below.

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