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Are You Being The Perfect Mom?


A recent study by the Monash University found that most new moms are increasingly worried about their new baby’s health and well being. Young, educated mothers are quite stressed in the initial few weeks and sometimes, even months. A lot of this stress can be associated with the abundance of information available online but this anxiety is also from the fact that many of them happen to be working moms and choosing to continue their career post childbirth tends to fill them with some guilt. To overcome this guilt, they want to do everything related to their baby perfectly.

Psychiatrists and psychologists suggest that while it is good for new mums to seek perfection when it comes to attending to their baby’s needs, it is also important to note that there exists not one single perfect way to baby care. Every baby is different and so is every mum. Bearing this in mind and understanding that not all recommendations of the right child care will apply to you will help you in being less apprehensive.

To reduce your anxiety and to be good with your motherly responsibilities, the best thing that you should do is consult a good pediatrician and trust his abilities for giving you the right advice when it comes to taking care of your baby. It is good to do your own research but too much online information may confuse you and make you do things that may not be necessary or may even do more harm than good for your little one. So try and keep your online surfing limited. There is one more thing here – just going to a pediatrician with your questions won’t make you less anxious. You need to communicate with your pediatrician in the right manner. Here are some quick pointers on how best you can communicate with your baby’s pediatrician.

Being The Perfect Mom

Tips to communicate better with your baby’s doctor


* Don’t shy away from asking. This particularly applies to first time mums. Ask as many questions as you want about the right way to take care of your child. Clarify all your doubts so that you don’t do anything the wrong way. Doctors understand the worries of a new mom and they will be very supportive and patient in answering your concerns. But if you feel your doctor is not appreciating your questions and doubts, look for another pediatrician; don’t stop your questions, though.

* Instead of depending on the internet, take information about baby care from the pediatrician or others in your family and friends who have had babies. This will give you real time information from real experiences around you.

* Always have your pediatrician’s contact number with you. Speaking to tour doctor during an emergency is far better than surfing the internet for finding a remedy.

* Always be prepared before meeting the pediatrician. Write down your concerns if you are forgetful.

* Lastly, trust your doctor. He is there because he knows better than you. Don’t impose your internet knowledge on him and always follow his advice even of it contradicts with what you read online.

Parenting has its own little downs among the many ups. But feeling over stressed and not enjoying your time with your little one will ruin your whole experience of becoming a mother. Try to relax and take things as they come. There is nothing that will go wrong with your little baby when you are there for him always. Stay positive and love being a parent to a little bundle of joy!

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