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8 Clever Tricks to Keep Houseplants Happy


Help potted plants thrive, whether you’re home or not.

Water Wisely

No one likes returning to a house full of dead plants after a vacation. Next time,leave them with a bottle babysitter. Raid the recycling bin to create a DIY watering globe like this one.


Or Try the Tub

Our home care expert Heloise recommends turning your tub into a terrarium when you’re out of town. In a sunny bathroom, place planters in a tub filled with a few inches of water, and cover them individually with dry-cleaning bags to keep plants hydrated.


Add a Filter

Before you fill your pot with soil, line the bottom with a coffee filter. This will allow excess water to flow through the drainage hole, but keep dirt where it belongs.


And Don’t Forget the Grinds

When mixed with your potting soil, ground coffee, which is rich with nutrients, can help your plants grow. It’s a smart addition to your compost pile, too.


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