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3 Most Common Cat Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them

3 Most Common Cat Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them

Is your cat driving you insane? By nature cats can be mischievous and fiercely independent. Therefore it is no surprise that they often present various behavioral problems. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t as easy to train. However, by understanding their behavior it will give you a good idea of how to handle the situation. Below you’ll find the top 3 common cat behavioral problems and the things you can do to stop them.

  1. Feline aggression

By nature, cats are predatory animals and aggression is a natural response to play, predation and social issues. It becomes a problem when these aggressive tendencies are turned towards their human owners. If your cat has started being more aggressive with you or others, it is important to establish whether it is a natural or unnatural response. Common motivations for aggression include illness, fear and frustration.

Aggression can be difficult to solve. You need to take a detailed look into what age the problem started, how long you have tolerated the behavior and how serious it is. Firstly you should have your cat checked out by a vet to eliminate potential health problems. If the aggression is serious you may want to consult a cat behaviorist.

2. Litter box problems

Has your cat suddenly stopped using their litterbox? Litterbox avoidance is one of the main reasons pet cats end up in rescue shelters. It can be a very frustrating problem but there are a few simple ways you can prevent it from happening. It could be a health related issue so make sure you get them checked over by a vet. It is also important to keep the litterbox clean. Just like humans, cats don’t like relieving themselves in dirty surroundings.

If the problem is urination, it could be more of a territory issue. Has anything changed recently that could be making your cat feel uneasy? If they feel they have to defend their territory, spraying urine is a natural response.

3. Furniture scratching

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, but it can be really destructive if they decide they want to scratch your furniture. The reason they scratch is to keep their claws sharp for hunting purposes. Scratching posts can help you to direct your cats scratching to an accepted area. Buy a few scratching posts and place them in different areas around the home. Try to invest in different texture posts too. Cats enjoy having a variety of surfaces to scratch. It is also possible to trim your cat’s claws, though this isn’t always easy!

The above are just 3 of the most common problems cat owners face. The key to resolving any problem is to understand the behavior. Determining when the behavior started, if any recent changes could be contributing to the behavior and how serious the problem is will help to give you a good idea of how it can be treated. The key to resolving any problem is to be patient and persistent with any training you undertake.

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