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12 Outfits You’ll Regret Not Trying in Your 30s


As a fashion-loving woman on the verge of 30, I’ve thought long and hard about the style advice given to me by friends and family, all the things you have to give up at a certain age, the limits on trends, heel heights, and hemlines. But I’m not buying it. I don’t believe in rules; I just believe in good sense and dressing for the body you have. With that in mind, I’m not limiting the list of looks I’ll wear, but I am making an extra effort to embrace the ones I’ve been too timid to try in my 20s. Here’s to welcoming the next decade with confidence and style — and 12 killer outfits to keep in your arsenal. Cheers!

Going Off-the-Shoulder
Going Off-the-Shoulder
Your 30-year-old self may have tossed the over-exposed halters hanging in your closet, but that means there’s plenty of room to add a chic off-the-shoulder top. Displaying just a sexy sliver of skin, it’s the piece you’ll rely on again and again for something elevated to wear to an evening out — and it works every time.

Sure, there may be a few trends you decide to sit out, but culottes shouldn’t be one of them. The flattering cut and go-anywhere style is perfect for showing off a great pair of heels. Start wearing them and you might just forget how much you used to love your jeans (and that’s perfectly fine).

If you missed out on flares the first time they made a comeback, you don’t want to regret missing them this time around. They’re the trend that works for basically every body and happen to look sophisticated and smart, unlike so many other denim trends (cutoffs, anyone?) that seem to find their way back into fashion.

Sparkle by Day
Outsmart the typical way to sparkle by adding sequins to something sophisticated, like a blazer and tights or a slouchy turtleneck instead of just the going-out tops from your youth.

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