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11 simple ways to lose weight

11 simple ways to lose weight

1. Heave your lifestyle

It’s a common story, you pledge to honor a daily routine of a strict diet and monitor your calorie intake. But you are eating taco at the office, grabbing happy hour smoothies, oops! Diet over. The better solution is to forget “All or Nothing” routine to “one or two healthy” routine. Doing this can bring great results that you could ever imagine.

2. Substitute your regular order

You might end up at restaurants multiple times in a week and order your favorite big bowl of pasta for example. Just cut down on the number of times you visit the restaurant and substitute your regular order with salads and grilled chicken.


3. Avoid salty delights


If you crave for a bag of chips or cheese pop corn, just walk away from the section and buy yourself a candy bar. Just ignore your cravings and insult it on the face.


4. Never skip your breakfast


Skipping your breakfast leads to an overnight empty stomach to secrete enzymes which kill hunger temporarily. As soon as you take in food, it is digested very quickly releasing the sugars all at once into the blood stream. This is a very unhealthy practice. Have a mighty healthy breakfast with a mix of protein and whole grains.


5. Small workout sessions


Try to work out whenever possible, even while working. Take the opportunity during television commercials, do squats, jacks, crunches. Even while doing the dishes, swivel your hips. Dance is a best form of workout; it even brightens up your mood.


6. Quit smoking


Smoking reduces your lungs’ capacity to hold air. When you workout, your respiration rate increases and lose your breath very soon. You end up taking frequent pauses and the whole workout regime goes improper.


7. Run


Run while you still can! Running is the best therapy for the mind and the body. It increases your blood pressure naturally and oxidized blood reaches all the vital parts of the body. Meet up with friends for running or walking rather than just nightouts or slumber parties.

 8. Yoga


Yoga is the best thing for your relationship between food and body. Eat consciously, do yoga regularly and keep track of your hunger cues. You’ll definitely go down in your dress size in no time.

9. Don’t supersize it

Now, when you are prompted for a ‘value meal’ ‘happy hours’ don’t go in for the extras. A small order of just what is required shall do. Fast food restaurants offer large-size value meals, tempting you to grab the offer. This is where you need to demonstrate your will power.


10. Join a dance class


Dance routines like Zumba, really help in toning your leg muscles and abs. Dancing lessons for just twice a week is equivalent of a heart pounding cardio workout. You also enjoy the dance and helps brighten your mood.


11. Have your dinner early


Don’t just have your dinner and slip into the bed immediately. After dinner, take your dog out for a small walk, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. This is a very healthy practice and lets excess food get digested before you sleep. All these walks add up to form a very slim body.

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