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10 Landscaping Trends To Try This Year


Whether you just bought a new house or are looking to jazz up your current one with a new aesthetic, there are plenty of new landscaping and gardening trends to incorporate into your plan. You don’t have to commit all of your savings to your project, either, there are inexpensive landscaping ideas that will liven up your yard without draining your bank account. Rather than focusing on the most high-end options, consider your own personal goals and what trends match your design taste.

Do you want your backyard to be a relaxing oasis or are you trying to make your front porch the social destination of the neighborhood? There’s a landscaping style and garden design for everyone, but consider the entire picture before you start tearing up the grass or building a firepit; landscaping is a year-round commitment. Mix and match these trends and follow our tips to make your outdoor space the best fit for you.

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